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Studies carried out by CE Delft for third parties are regularly covered in the media. Below we reproduce some of the news stories in which CE Delft studies are cited. As some newspapers do not permit reproduction of articles, the following list does not give a full picture of media coverage of CE Delft.

December 2016

Shortage in Compliant Bunkers to be Expected in 2020, Says Aegean GM
Ship & Bunker, 1 December 2016
World Fuel Services 2020. Vision: Preparing for the New Global Sulphur Cap
Ship & Bunker, 1 December 2016

November 2016

Mythbuster Reload - Industry windfall profits from Europe's carbon market 2008-2015
Carbon Market Watch, 29 November 2016
L'avenir énergétique doit reposer entre les mains des citoyens

Le monde, 24 November 2016
IMO's landmark ruling on shipping efficiency
Ship Technology, 23 November 2016
Carbon credits: Think local!
Publicnow, 21 November 2016
Global cap in 2020: Now what?

Bunker Ports News Worldwide, 9 November 2016
Do motorcyclists pay more on taxes than they get in return?
FEMA Online, 10 November 2016
A mixed bag at MEPC 70
Motorship.com, 8 November 2016
Touring dénonce: l'argent des taxes auto n'est pas réinvesti dans l'infrastructure
RTL.be, 8 November 2016
L'argent des taxes automobiles n'est pas réinvesti dans l'infrastructure, selon Touring
LaProvince.be, 8 November 2016
Power to the people?
Decentralized-energy.com, 8 November 2016
Touring: "Autosteuern sollten in Unterhalt der StraBen flieBen"
DeRedactie.be, 8 November 2016
L'argent des taxes automobiles n'est pas réinvesti dans l'infrastructure, dénonce Touring
LeVif.be, 8 November 2016
FIA-Studie: Kfz-Verkehr zahlt in der EU mehr als er bekommt
OEMT.at, 8 November 2016
Weltklimavertrag: Österreich kann bei Plus-Energiehäusern weltweit führend werden

Oekonews.at, 3 November 2016
How cross-border electricity trading can work better - agora energiewende gas bijoux discount
Gaselectricity.in, 2 November 2016