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CE Delft in the media

Studies carried out by CE Delft for third parties are regularly covered in the media. Below we reproduce some of the news stories in which CE Delft studies are cited. As some newspapers do not permit reproduction of articles, the following list does not give a full picture of media coverage of CE Delft.

May 2015

ETS plays minor role in firm's climate action
Source: ENDS Europe, 22 May 2015
Study: New ships already meet 2020 design standard

Source: World Maritime News, 5 May 2015

July 2015

WWF comment on proposed third runway at Heathrow
Source:: Bloomberg.com, 2 July 2015  

April 2015

CE Delft defends its shipping efficiency study
Source: World Maritime News, 22 April 2015
ICS refutes T&E claims on modern ship CO2 efficiency
Source: World Maritime News, 21 April 2015
Study reveals ship fuel efficiency has decreased since 1990
Source: fathom-ctech.com, 17 April 2015

October 2014

First full dataset on energy costs and subsidies for EU28 across all technologies
Source: Ecofys.com, 14 October 2014
The Netherlands: Social and political discussion on offshore wind

Source: Offshore Wind, 7 October 2014
Report on the societal and political discussion on costs and benefits of offshore wind energy in the Netherlands
Source: Ecofys.com, 6 October 2014