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CE Delft in the media

Studies carried out by CE Delft for third parties are regularly covered in the media. Below we reproduce some of the news stories in which CE Delft studies are cited. As some newspapers do not permit reproduction of articles, the following list does not give a full picture of media coverage of CE Delft.

May 2016

Phase in global sulphur cap, study urges
Motorship.com, 12 May 2016
Alfa Laval PureSOx with 'U-design' available

Korea Marine Equipment Association, 11 May 2016
International news: Continuous R&D yields major size reduction in the PureSOx U-design
IndustrialPR.net, 10 May 2016
To end windfall profits EU should limit free allocation of CO2 allowances to industry
Energypost.eu, May 2016
Alfa Laval shrinks its SOX scrubber
Marinelog.com, 9 May 2016
Nominations open for first Wind Propulsion Awards
BunkerIndex.com, 6 May 2016
International Windship Association requests nominations for Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards 2016
Shipmanagementinternational.com, 4 May 2016