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Studies carried out by CE Delft for third parties are regularly covered in the media. Below we reproduce some of the news stories in which CE Delft studies are cited. As some newspapers do not permit reproduction of articles, the following list does not give a full picture of media coverage of CE Delft.

April 2016

Schärfere Grenzwerte für Schiffsemissionen in Nord- und Ostsee sorgen für klare Verbesserung der Luftqualität
EurActiv.de, 28 April 2016
IMO aims for October decision on sulphur cap
Motorship.com, 26 April 2016
Low sulphur fuel cleans up
Imarest.org, 21 April 2016
L’acier européen redoute la réforme du marché des quotas
latribune.fr, 21 April 2016
Steelmakers fear extra costs from ETS reform
EurActiv, 21 April 2016
Diese Strafen schrecken niemanden ab
Welt.de, 21 April 2016
Strengere Schwefelwerte für Schiffsdiesel verbessern Luft
Berliner Morgenpost, 21 April 2016
Nabu: SECA is a European Success Story, But We Sould Still Ban 'Toxic' HFO
ShipAndBunker.com, 20 April 2016
Nabu: Strengere Schwefelwerte für Schiffstreibstoff verbessern Luft
VerkehrsRundschau.de, 20 April 2016
Nabu: Strengere Schwefelwerte verbessern Luft
Focus.de, 20 April 2016
Ireland: cement firms make windfall profits from ETS permits
Cemnet.com, 18 April 2016
Ireland's top three cement firms secure €128m in carbon credit bonanza
Independent.ie, 17 April 2016
EU Funded Tata Spin
Order-order.com, 15 April 2016
Did Cap-and-Trade Enrich Europe's Cement Suppliers?
ENR.com, 13 April 2016
What will 2020/25 bring?

Motorship.com, 12 April 2016
Sanral vs Outa over e-toll report error
businesstech.co.za, 12 April 2016
Certification - A marketing tool for solar thermal energy professionals
SolarThermalWord.org, 11 April 2016
Shipping industry urged not to 'miss the boat' on emissions reduction

Edie.net, 7 April 2016
Ship Design Efficiency Standard Set to Low
Chainnel.com, 5 april 2016
EEDI does not drive clean tech uptake, says expert study
Fathom-ctech.com, 5 April 2016

Ship efficiency standards too weak to drive improvements - study
BairdMaritime.com, 5 April 2016
EEDI does not drive clean tech uptake, says expert study
ShipEfficiencyReview.com, 5 April 2016
Study: Fuel Costs Drive Fleet's Efficiency
Maritime-Connector.com, 5 April 2016
Bunker Prices, Economic Cycles Driving Ship Efficiency Gains, Not IMO's EEDI Standard: NGOs
ShipandBunker.com, 5 April 2016
Ship Design Efficiency Standard Set to Low

WorldMaritimeNews.com, 5 April 2016
What is the EU doing about CO2 emissions?
Euractiv.com, 1 April 2016