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Erik Roos Lindgreen

Erik Roos Lindgreen
junior researcher/consultant

I joined CE Delft as a researcher and consultant in October 2016. With my team members from the Supply Chain Analysis group, I work on projects that involve evaluating the environmental impact of a wide variety of products and processes through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Examples of such projects: an environmental impact assessment of different chemical recycling technologies; a study on the role of bioplastics in the transition towards a circular economy; an environmental evaluation of Carbon Capture and Utilization routes. 

I gained experience with the LCA methodology while doing research for De Nederlandsche Bank, where I completed my master’s thesis as an intern. I also completed an internship at the sustainability department of PwC, where I researched the implementation of new business models by Dutch nature conservation organizations.

During my bachelor’s in Liberal Arts & Sciences at Amsterdam University College, where I specialized in Earth & Environment, I developed a strong interest for sustainable development. I completed a master’s in Environment & Resource Management at the VU and a master’s in Earth Sciences (specialization: Environmental Management) at the University of Amsterdam. At CE Delft I apply the know-how acquired during my studies and internships to carry out research for government agencies, NGO’s and industry, with the overall aim to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.

Articles and presentations

Evaluating the environmental impact of debit card payments
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment November 2017
Erik Roos Lindgreen, Milan van Schendel, Nicole Jonker, Jorieke Kloek, Lonneke de Graaff, Marc Davidson

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