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Eline Burger

Eline Burger Msc.

The common green thread running through my work at CE Delft is an aspiration to be innovative, effective and creative in improving environmental quality. The groundwork was laid in my bachelor’s in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at Delft Technological University and my master’s in Industrial Ecology at Leiden University/Delft TU. For my graduation project I combined what I had learned in these two studies and developed a draft methodology for lifting deprived urban neighbourhoods into the circular economy. After graduating, I worked as a sustainability consultant at the Industry & Energy department of Witteveen+Bos, where I was soon inspired by the coming ‘heat transition’, which presents a huge and complex challenge for the future! We need to move away from gas, but how?

It’s a challenge involving a vast number of variables and difficulties, given that our country’s still highly dependent on Groningen natural gas. For me, it’s a marvellous challenge with both technological and social aspects. It requires new plant and equipment and interventions in infrastructure, but these will also impact on society in a multitude of ways and require close cooperation with all stakeholders as well as residents themselves. It’s a challenge I’ll be more than happy to take to hand at CE Delft!


  • Heat transition in the built environment/industry
  • Future strategies for cities
  • Circular economy
  • LCA/environmental cost calculations.


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